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Refurbished Veterinary Equipment

refurbished veterinary equipment

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refurbished veterinary equipment - Clinical Veterinary

Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats

Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats

No other quick reference comes close in covering the diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of diseases in dogs and cats. Etienne Cote's Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats, 2nd Edition is like six books in one -- with concise topics within sections on diseases and disorders, procedures and techniques, differential diagnosis, laboratory tests, clinical algorithms, and a drug formulary. Revised from cover to cover, this edition includes dozens of new topics. It also includes free access to a fully searchable companion website featuring an electronic version of the text, all of the book's images, a searchable drug formulary, and 150 Client Education Sheets in both English and Spanish.

Section I: Diseases and Disorders provides at-a-glance coverage of nearly 800 common medical problems, arranged alphabetically for immediate access. Entries include a definition, synonyms, epidemiology, clinical presentation, etiology and pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, workup, treatment, prognosis and outcome, plus pearls and considerations. Concise descriptions simplify diagnosis and treatment.

Section II: Procedures and Techniques offers illustrated, step-by-step instructions for understanding and performing 111 important clinical procedures.

Section III: Differential Diagnosis displays nearly every possible cause for 260 different clinical disorders.

Section IV: Laboratory Tests summarizes essential information needed for interpreting more than 150 lab tests.

Section V: Clinical Algorithms provides decision trees for the diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making processes involved in managing 91 of the most common clinical conditions/disorders.

Section VI: Drug Formulary is a compilation of dosages and other relevant information for more than 300 new and current medications.

410 illustrations and photographs depict disease processes and related concepts.

A companion website includes the complete text of the book in a fully searchable format, allowing quick access to information, and all of the book's images. It also includes 150 Client Education Sheets, each available in both English and Spanish.

Clinical guidance added to diseases and disorders chapters helps you select appropriate tests and treatments for each case.

50 new client "how-to" handouts are added for a total of 150 client education sheets, helping to improve outcomes by informing clients.

Technician Tips are inserted throughout nearly 800 diseases and disorders, providing specialized information for veterinary technicians.

Enhanced electronic image collection on the companion website includes color images and additional figures not found in the text.

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Refurbished Kirby Morgan

Refurbished Kirby Morgan

Refurbished Kirby Morgan Superlite 17B
(added 7/21/2010)

Comes with primary gas supply whip, gas manifold block, and Articulating Night Rider Twin Halogen Light with mount and battery pack.

On Consignment with spare parts including: o-rings and 1st stage regulator.

Contact us to make an offer!

Refurbished Cubicles

Refurbished Cubicles

Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles by EthoSource. The customer wanted the colors to be in line with the company's color scheme of gray and red.

refurbished veterinary equipment

refurbished veterinary equipment

Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians

Examine the diverse ways animal bodies function at both the systemic and cellular levels with this vital resource. It brings you clear coverage essential to understanding the clinical relevance of anatomical and physiological principles. Fully updated and written by respected veterinary technician educators, this popular textbook is the practical, comprehensive foundation for your success in veterinary technology.
Clinical application boxes help you sharpen your skills and apply principles to practice.
Test Yourself boxes throughout chapters emphasize important study points.
An extensive glossary provides quick reference to hundreds of important terms and definitions.
Over 300 new illustrations help you identify structures with rich, realistic clarity.
A NEW full color format visually enhances your understanding of anatomic and physiologic concepts.
Four NEW chapters give you the latest insight on the chemical basis of life, nutrition and metabolism, pregnancy, development, and lactation, and reptile and amphibian anatomy and physiology.
A revised chapter on the cardiovascular system helps you most effectively comprehend the complex functions of the heart and blood vessels.

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