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Titanium Camping Equipment

titanium camping equipment

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titanium camping equipment - True Utility

True Utility Cashstash Cash Capsule

True Utility Cashstash Cash Capsule

Never run out of money again! Well, that would be brilliant, wouldn't it?! This clever capsule has a specially designed cash clip inside to wrap an emergency note around. It takes up hardly any room on your key-ring, as it is much smaller than even a small door key; yet will really get you out of trouble by covering that last round of drinks, or paying for the taxi home at the end of the night! I have been so pleased at the end of the night when i suddenly remember that i am not totally skint, it makes me genuinely happy every time it happens! Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and with a waterproof neoprene ‘O’ ring to make sure your emergency funds do not ever get soggy. It comes with a split ring for attaching to your key ring, bag or clothing. Never leave home without it. Also makes a perfect gift - especially if you put cash in it!! Patent Pending.

The Cashstash Capsule/keychain from True Utility provides and elegant and secure way to carry emergency cash on your keychain. Measuring less than two inches long and just about a half inch in diameter, the Cashstash hardly takes up any room on your key-ring, yet will really come in handy if you misplace your wallet, need taxi fair, or are caught in a cash-only situation. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, with a waterproof neoprene O-ring seal, this capsule keeps your cash dry and ready. A split ring attaches the capsule to your key chain, bag, or clothing.
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Capsule
Stainless Steel CashClip
Waterproof 'O' Ring
10-millimeter Split Ring
Split key ring attachment
Dimensions: 45 by 15 millimeters (LxW)

75% (14)

Sent from a small island off Arisaig

Sent from a small island off Arisaig

The end of a lovely day. Wind F4-5 we first crossed the Sound of Mull to eat fish & chips in Tobermory. The best fish & chips in Scotland are served from a van on the harbour.

Crossing back against the wind, Liz decided it would be nice to camp somewhere. So we whizzed home, grabbed the camping kit, drove to Rhu and paddled out to the islands and skerries off Arisaig.

As the sun sank, the islands rose from the retreating tide. A full moon is casting a bright glow across the loch. Magical.

The tent is a brand new Superlight Quasar which Terra-Nova Equipment has kindly leant us for the summer while we paddle the Scottish Kayak Trail. This is its first outing and is seems great. For kayaking I might replace the titanium pegs with something more substantial.

Off moon watching...

Camp Cooking Necessaries

Camp Cooking Necessaries

My new REI titanium long spoon (very important cooking utensil) and new GSI Spice Rack loaded up with salt, pepper, cayenne, chipotle, smoked paprika, and cumin. We chose these because ground spices should have more flavor than herbs for an equivalent volume, and most backpacking foods are low in spice (which supposedly also makes you feel more full).

Is it time to go backpacking yet? Yes, it's time. But it's still mud season in Central New York - nothing but muck on most trails and too cold overnight for our tastes. Patience.

titanium camping equipment

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